My stories in Cricket Magazine

If you are outside Australia and cannot borrow my books from your local library, you will find two of my stories in Cricket Magazine. ‘Sonnet Girl’ is published over two issues, February and March 2006. ‘Postcards from Hawaii’ appears in the May/June 2010 issue. Hope you can find them.

About Carol Jones

Carol Jones is the author of 'The Concubine's Child', set in 1930s Malaya and The Boy With Blue Trousers set in 1850s China and Australia. Born in Brisbane, Australia, she taught English and Drama at secondary schools before working as an editor of children's magazines. She is also the author of several young adult novels as well as children's non-fiction.
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4 Responses to My stories in Cricket Magazine

  1. Andrew Sharp says:

    Ms Jones,
    I simply love your stories and the way you’ve used the language. They all create a very enjoyable atmosphere and will motivate young readers to find a passion in literature. I will continue to folow your work and hope to hear more of you in the future.

  2. a satisfied customer says:

    Your books are fantastic, will definitely look out for more of them.
    Children need great stories these days, we can’t let literature die out in these modern times.
    Keep up the great work, exactly the sort of thing I want my kids to be reading.

  3. a satisfied customer says:

    Absolutely lovely!
    This text was an extremely enjoyable read which captured the imagination of my children. I hope to see more stories like this in the future to continue encouraging children to use their imagination instead of sitting and watching TV the entire time. This is exactly what I want my children to be reading throughout their childhood.
    Keep up the good work and well done Ms Jones!

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