Random Thoughts on Getting Started with Story: Princess Story Ideas

People searching for ‘princess story ideas’ often wind up at my blog, where of course there are no ‘princess story ideas’ — yet. I guess the search engine picks up on ‘notahollywoodprincess’ and the category ‘story ideas’ and sends them my way! So here goes. Both my suggestions today will revolve around twisting a common princess theme.

Princess Story Idea Number One

Take a traditional princess story and transpose it to a modern day story.

For example, you could move Sleeping Beauty into the 21st century. Instead of being cursed by the fairies then pricking her finger on a spindle and falling asleep in the castle for a hundred years, she could be trapped by the fairies in a virtual computer game until the prince finds her there and they fight their way to freedom.

Instead of feeling a pea under her mattress thus proving her royal sensitivity, the princess could have her sleep disturbed by her missing hand phone that the queen has hidden there. This story has quite a lot of potential for humour. For example: the phone could have been set to silent mode but the queen forgets to turn ‘vibrate’ off.

Get ideas by reviewing as many traditional princess stories as you can find and brainstorming ideas for bringing them into the 21st century. Disney animations are a great starting point if you aren’t sure of sources.

Princess Story Idea Number Two

Place a modern princess into a teen drama. Let’s call her Princess Debbie.

Princess Debbie’s parents lose their fortune in the sharemarket and she has to go to public school where she faces the usual dramas and tensions of fitting in at high school. Princess Debbie Meets the Queen Bee!

Princess Debbie needs a partner for the annual Royal Ball. Her parents want her to go with a suitable lordling but Debbie wants to choose her own partner. How can a princess ask the gardener’s son to go to the ball? And how can she change her royal style enough to put him at ease. Princess Debbie Gets a Very Un-royal Makeover!

I’m sure you can think of many modern teen novel/movie scenarios that Princess Debbie could find herself in.

Well, I hope you find these suggestions helpful if you end up on my blog searching for ‘princess story ideas’. If I think of some more in future I will add them here.

About Carol Jones

Carol Jones is the author of 'The Concubine's Child', set in 1930s Malaya and The Boy With Blue Trousers set in 1850s China and Australia. Born in Brisbane, Australia, she taught English and Drama at secondary schools before working as an editor of children's magazines. She is also the author of several young adult novels as well as children's non-fiction.
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