‘It’s True! Women Were Warriors’ Allen and Unwin 2006 8+

This is not a book about saints and do-gooders. This is a book about lying, cheating, bullying, murdering, vengeful women. They murdered their husbands, executed their enemies and stole whole countries from their rivals. Read this book to find out about legendary battle queens like Boudicca, scheming empresses like Cleopatra and cut-throat pirates like Madam Ching.

‘This is a vivid and descriptive book about some of the firercest women of all time … Warning: Not for the weak-hearted.’ Cairns Post

‘A Time Machine Through Australia 1788 – 1901’ (six titles in series covering each state) 
Macmillan 2004 

Each book in the series delivers the early history of the state as if the reader was in a time machine. The text is written in an engaging style in sections: Arriving, Exploring, Settling, Growing and Towards Statehood. Exciting time capsule features present a range of primary source material with questions.

These interesting books blend traditional history instruction with a grounding in the use of sources and enquiry methods… It will be an invaluable series‘ Reading Time


‘From Farm to You’ (six titles in series) 
Macmillan 2002 

This series presents six different foods eaten around the world in one form or another: Pasta and Noodles, Honey, Sausage, Bread, Cheese and Chocolate. Find out everything you wanted to know about: the history of food, different kinds of food, small-scale manufacturing and the factory process.

Highly recommended for school libraries and primary classrooms‘ Reading Time


‘Souvenirs of the South Pacific’ (seven titles in series) 
Macmillan 2001 

A series of books that takes the reader to nine different countries in the South Pacific region. Information about each country is presented as a child’s scrapbook of memories and mementoes after a recent visit to that country.

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